• Aug 29

    Leather Love

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    It’s not secret that I love leather!  Leather pants…skirts…dresses…bomber jackets…You get the picture!  When Sparrow Boutique recently sent me this leather dress I was beyond ecstatic. It is the perfect amount of stretch, soft thick leather…with pockets no less!  I am excited about wearing this dress from September on through the winter months…simply changing out what I wear on my legs/feet and then throwing a jacket or sweater over the arms!

    This is a great staple for my closet and one I feel super good in…it’s not about quantity but quality pieces that you love and will wear over and over!  I’ve been working on my goals for my life, my closet, my spending /shopping and one of them is have pieces of clothing that I get rid of b/c they are “worn” not because I don’t want to wear them!

    I hope your weekend was great! We spent ours in Frankfort with family and it was a great time of relaxing, catching up, and recharging for the next week before school starts.  I always look forward to school being done and having no schedule or commitments and then come mid August I look forward (and so do the kids) to a schedule, commitments etc…It’s really the perfect situation.

    I for the first time will have all of the kids gone for part of the day! It’s really quite surreal and I cannot imagine what it will feel like. I can however tell you that I have a ridiculous list of things I hope to accomplish…which I am sure will leave me feeling like I need more time.  More on this later – I plan to take you on my journey this fall…I have a lot I am hashing out about the blog, life, parenting, time, my personal desires, etc…Stay tuned!

    Dress || Sparrow Boutique
    Cargo Vest || TJ Maxx
    Tennis Shoes || Adidas
    Sandals || Forever 21
    Sunglasses || Nordstrom Rack

    Pictures by Jennifer Ketchum


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